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How to remove your Electric Stove Element & Clean it

How to remove your stove burner element:

Recently we have had to charge tenants because of stove burner elements being put back wrong, put back wet or not pushed in all the way. Here are some helpful tips to make sure you do not have these charges happen to you.
Before removing or washing make sure element is completely cool.
Make sure the element is completely dry when you put it back.
Do not soak your element (burner) in water!! (Soaking your burning in water can cause them to get fragile and break)
Best way to clean is Dawn dish soap and damp wash cloth.
Do not get element prongs wet at all! Prongs are not cleanable!
Make sure the element prongs match up with the receptacle inside the stove.
When plugging in the element, if it does not rest smoothly on your drip pan, there are one of two problems:
Problem 1: Element is not in correctly or is the wrong size element.
Problem 2: Drip pan may be the wrong size (if you just recently replaced them)
If you have any remaining questions regarding cleaning your burners or putting them back in please feel free to call the office and speak to any available staff member.